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Fast switching between supply chain and logistics

From the robust varieties that grow at the grower and are prepared for transport to the washed and sorted specimens that are attractively packaged and delivered to buyers. From the potato field to wholesale, food service and supermarket, PotatoNext is a reliable and professional partner.

We supply approximately 160,000 tons of fresh potatoes every year. The short lines in our cooperative allow us to respond quickly to current market conditions and additional supply and demand. Our products are inspected, washed, dried, sorted and packaged in the packaging companies of PotatoNext Processing B.V., currently located in both Purmerend and Oud-Beijerland. If desired, we keep the chain cooled from origin to delivery.

Fresher than fresh is our trademark
Speed is a strong link in the chain from potato field to wholesaler and supermarket. Just like perfect planning, excellent inventory management and streamlined transport. Our planners from the supply chain and logistics departments are very strong in connecting all these links. Seven days a week, they ensure that our fresh products reach the right customer on time. Of course, thanks also to our carriers, who ensure that our products reach their destination as quickly as possible.