Icoon van PotatoNext

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Dedicated growers

At PotatoNext we have a heart for the potato and respect for nature. We are proud of the beautiful product we deliver to our customers. The members of the cooperative – our highly valued growers – make this possible every day. They are an indispensable link in the PotatoNext potato chain.

The growers affiliated with PotatoNext, now around 200, guarantee a wide range of consumption potatoes of conventional and organic quality varieties. These high-quality varieties are carefully grown and selected by the cooperative members to meet the various requirements and needs of customers.

The basis of a fruitful collaboration is the power of the collective. An enthusiastic and committed group of cooperative members who feed each other by sharing knowledge and providing intensive support in the field of variety selection, cultivation, harvest, storage and certification programs.

Together we are strong. Firmly rooted in our rich and many years of experience, we relieve and encourage each other. As cooperative members of PotatoNext, we put our shoulders to the wheel. We attach great importance to transparency. And we ensure a tasty and sustainable product full of growth power, with an attractive pool price. A consumption potato with potential that offers added value in many areas!