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Together we are strong in table potatoes with added value

On October 1, 2023, the time had come: PotatoNext, our new and exciting cooperative for consumption potatoes, officially started! Three top players in the potato industry – Nedato, Agrico and Leo de Kock – joined forces in PotatoNext. We move towards the future with drive, health and confidence.

The merger of 200 growers, who together grow approximately 3,200 hectares of potatoes for consumption, and the packing companies of Agrico (Leo de Kock) and Nedato, which pack and trade 160,000 tons of potatoes annually, has made the largest cooperative in the Netherlands in the Netherlands. in the field of consumption potatoes. A decisive and transparent organization with short lines of communication, rich in experience and expertise in the field of cultivation, production, packaging and distribution.

The trading activities of our new cooperative are housed in PotatoNext B.V., the packaging activities in PotatoNext Processing B.V. In the near future, our products will be inspected, washed, dried, sorted and packaged in both Purmerend and Oud-Beijerland. In the near future, PotatoNext will be fully established in Oud-Beijerland and all business activities will be carried out in and from this beating heart of our dynamic organization.


± 200

Acres of
agricultural area


Quality varieties,
conventional & organic


Annual harvest
In tons

160 k

Annual revenue

80 mln


Retail, food service, catering and the processing industry

All under one roof

With our brand new cooperative PotatoNext, we have the complete range of consumer potato products under one roof. This way we can offer more choice and customization to our customers. And do everything we can to deliver quality and provide peace of mind. Also towards our highly valued growers. For example, through intensive support in the field of variety selection, cultivation, harvest, storage and certification programs, such as Planet Proof, Global Gap, SKAL and Albert Heijn’s ‘Beter Voor’ program. The merger enables us to take greater steps in the field of certifications and more intensive collaborations with stakeholders.

According to the new management, consisting of Jan Bijleveld and Mariska Werring, the main goal of PotatoNext is to offer added value to the affiliated growers. “We want to be at the top of the market when it comes to the pool price. To achieve this, we must think out of the box, look independently at developments in the market, dare to take risks and be open to new products and markets. This includes upgrading residual flows and developing innovative products.”