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The benefits of working with PotatoNext

PotatoNext is a merger of three trusted and leading players in the consumption potato industry: Nedato, Agrico and Leo de Kock. This joining of forces created a new and decisive cooperative with short lines of communication, rich in experience and expertise in the field of cultivation, production, packaging and distribution. We are happy to share that passion, professionalism and expertise with our customers and partners.

In our cooperative we do everything we can to link quality to honest and transparent cooperation. We believe that delivering a beautiful product is just as important as maintaining a reliable relationship. It is not without reason that we have been working with many partners for a long time. This applies to retail customers as well as to the catering industry, wholesalers, distributors and the companies from which we purchase packaging material.

We guarantee fast delivery, in any desired packaging and at an excellent price. Where necessary, we help you think about trade marketing and product presentation.

PotatoNext is committed to being a reliable partner throughout the potato chain. Relieving growers and customers of their worries is important. By continuing to innovate and produce smart and efficiently, we worked on a future-proof product that has added value in many areas.

We take our responsibility when it comes to sustainability and food safety. And we think it is important that the people who grow, purchase and sell, process and transport our product get the appreciation they deserve.