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A suitable product for every taste

So many customers at home and abroad from different market segments, so many preferences. With a wide range of potato varieties, PotatoNext has the right product available in suitable packaging for every demand.

Discover the versatile world of potatoes at PotatoNext!
From blank to red-skinned, with a light to yellow flesh color, special varieties for fries, cooking, baking, roasting or pureeing… our extensive selection offers the perfect potato for every dish. Choose from washed potatoes, virtually free of soil or go for the natural unwashed options. Also discover our organic potatoes, an integral part of our diverse range of high-quality potato varieties. And be surprised by even more special varieties that stimulate culinary creativity!

At PotatoNext we deliver tailor-made solutions
By continuing to innovate and produce smartly and efficiently, we can meet the diverse needs of our customers. They can trust that only the best potatoes of the desired quality end up in the right packaging. We use advanced machinery that allows us to package our products as quickly as possible before delivery. This way we guarantee optimal freshness. Our professionals on the work floor ensure that this ingenious packaging process runs smoothly.