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Strong together

in spuds with potential

A wide range of tasty potatoes for consumption with consistent quality. That is the characteristic of the products that we grow with dedication in our fields. With around 200 affiliated growers, 3,200 hectares of agricultural land and a net annual turnover of 80 million euros, PotatoNext is the largest cooperative in the Netherlands in the field of consumption potatoes.

PotatoNext is a merger of three trusted and leading players in the consumption potato industry: Nedato, Agrico and Leo de Kock. This joining of forces has created a new and decisive cooperative with short lines of communication, rich in experience and expertise in the field of cultivation, production, packaging and distribution.


± 200

Acres of
agricultural area


Annual revenue

80 mln

PotatoNext customers can choose from around 45 potato varieties, both conventional and organic. Of this rich supply, approximately 40% is intended for the Dutch market and 60% for export.

PotatoNext is committed to being a reliable partner throughout the potato chain. Relieving growers and buyers of their worries is important. By continuing to innovate and produce smartly and efficiently, PotatoNext is working on a future-proof product that has added value in many areas.

PotatoNext is currently active at the locations of the former Nedato and Leo de Kock, in Oud-Beijerland and Purmerend respectively. In the short term, the large building in Oud-Beijerland will become the beating heart of our dynamic organization.