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Press release: starts PotatoNext

PotatoNext has officially launched! Building a sustainable future for consumption potatoes together

Oud-Beijerland, October 1, 2023 – PotatoNext, the progressive cooperative created by Agrico, Nedato and Leo de Kock, is launching with a promising vision for the future of the consumer potato industry.

With an emphasis on certifications such as Global Gap, the ‘Better for’ program for Albert Heijn and Planet Proof, PotatoNext will better support and relieve its growers and broaden the level of knowledge. The merger enables the cooperative to take greater steps in the field of certifications and more intensive collaborations with stakeholders.

The cooperative is committed to maximum value of consumption potatoes with a strong focus on reducing waste throughout the entire potato chain, from grower to customer. Growers can look forward with confidence to a future in which PotatoNext is committed to sustainable, profitable cultivation and optimal value of consumption potatoes.

With a balanced choice of varieties, particularly focused on Next Generation and robust varieties, PotatoNext will set the standard for quality and sustainability in the sector.

We are pleased with the recent composition of the new board of Coöperatie PotatoNext U.A., in which the following members have taken a seat: Vincent Coolbergen, Jan van den Hoek, Frans Meerse and Paul Versluijs.

Gertjan van Dueren den Hollander, chairman: “We are very happy with the start of PotatoNext and expect that this step will make a serious contribution to the continuity and profitability of table potato cultivation among our affiliated growers and we look to the future with confidence.”

Jan Bijleveld and Mariska Werring, PotatoNext management: “We are enthusiastically looking forward to this new phase with PotatoNext. The continuity of our production locations is of great importance to our growers and partners. We will work closely with our customers, partners and suppliers to carefully plan the move from Purmerend to Oud-Beijerland without jeopardizing production.”

As the largest consumption potato cooperative in the Netherlands, PotatoNext investigates new opportunities to market related crops and optimize residual flows into innovative products.

PotatoNext’s vision to become a more data-driven organization promises a future where innovation and efficiency go hand in hand.

About PotatoNext:

Cooperative PotatoNext U.A. is a dynamic cooperative formed by approximately 200 dedicated consumption potato growers, with a combined agricultural area of approximately 3,200 hectares. The cooperative has transferred its trading activities to PotatoNext B.V. and its packaging activities in PotatoNext Processing B.V.

With a wide range of expertise and experience within the potato sector, PotatoNext is a leading player in the field of potato cultivation, production and distribution. Our cooperative strives to supply high-quality potatoes to various market segments, including retail, food service, export, catering and the processing industry.

PotatoNext offers an extensive range of ware potato varieties, carefully grown and selected by our members, to meet the diverse demands and needs of our customers. With our in-depth knowledge of the potato market and our commitment to quality, we consistently deliver products that meet the highest standards.

Note to editors

For any questions are available:

  • PotatoNext B.V. | Jan Bijleveld and/or Mariska Werring (0299-420975/0186-645945)
  • Cooperative PotatoNext U.A. | Gertjan van Dueren den Hollander (06-54278469)